Diets don’t work.

If diets worked, everyone would be slim, fit and healthy using only self discipline and exercise. I have not worked with a single client yet where being overweight was the real issue.

The weight is the solution.
Eating more than our body needs, as a pattern of behavior is an attempt at self-care. Eating feels good, eating can be hypnotic, it takes you away from yourself, away from your feelings, and away from the issues in your life.
We think that weight is the issue and if we just lost the weight, EVERYTHING else would change. We would be loved, we would cope with life better, we would get the job, get the relationship, we would be HAPPY.
This encourages a belief in magical thinking, that if just ONE thing changed, EVERYTHING else would.If it were true, there would be no need for a multi-billion dollar diet industry, and 95% of people would not regain all the weight they lost, plus an additional 15 lbs.
We don’t just want you to release weight.
We want you to release the issues that created the weight, to have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and your body, to have food be a normal, enjoyable part of life. We believe you want that too.

About Kerry Jeffery

Kerry Jeffery is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Louise Hay “Heal Your Life” Life Coach working from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia at Love Transforms LC.

When you work with Kerry, either in person, via Skype or in the amazing Diet Free Body workshops, you discover that she just has a knack for really getting to the heart of the matter.

Kerry has a way of bringing light and focus to the real issues that are stopping you from getting the life you want and provides practical advice, grounded wisdom, compassion and empathy along with a wide variety of powerful therapeutic techniques that will turn your life around.

Her basic philosophy is that true and lasting change ONLY comes from self acceptance, self-support and self-love and she is dedicated to helping you fall in love with your life, embrace who you are and achieve your dreams.


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