The Only Question You Need To Ask Yourself.

Stop BelievingWhat most of us don’t really realize is that to our subconscious mind, everything we think is real.

When you imagine an event, your subconscious mind cues your body to create the chemical reactions that create your emotions including anxiety, happiness and everything else in between.

Worrying is essentially telling ourselves a scary story that our bodies react to as if it were real and anyone who has ever been stuck in worry story, can testify as to the very real affect it has on our bodies and our emotions.

So many of the things that we react to are really nothing more than a story in our heads.

“I don’t think she really likes me.”

“Maybe he thinks that I’m rejecting him.”

“If I fail, it’s going to be a disaster.”

Get the picture?

All of these types of thoughts whether it’s worry about what someone thinks of us or labeling ourselves and our behaviours, is just a story about what we imagine may happen or may be real.

The more you play into the power of your story, the more you will believe it and you will react to your story as if it were real.

We can make ourselves absolutely miserable with of our stories; anxious, resentful, sad and stuck.

But there is a powerful way to break the spell of your story and get back to what is real by asking yourself this one question:

Is it true?
This story that I am creating in my mind that is causing me to feel this way, is it true?

Do I know for certain that what I am thinking is real or is it just a story that I am telling myself about what might happen or what might be real?

By challenging your story and asking is it true, you pull yourself back into the moment and all of the other possibilities.

The only real way to know what someone is thinking or feeling is to ask them.

If you are telling yourself a story about what someone else feels or thinks or may do, you are in the middle of your story and out of touch with what is real right now.

Here’s my challenge to you.

Start asking yourself the question “is this true?” next time you find yourself stuck in a story that is making you feel anxious or miserable.

If you are still not certain whether it’s true or not, follow up by asking yourself “am I absolutely certain under all conditions that this is true?”

The power of our stories always fades, when we get back to what is real, ask questions instead of imagining we know the answer and staying right here in the present moment.

By doing this, your life will become so much more enjoyable, peaceful and happy.

Are you stuck in your stories of what might happen or what other people may think? Then book yourself in today for a Complimentary Consult with me and talk about how to get you unstuck.

Kerry Jeffery

Love Transforms Life Coaching